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During the Melukat ritual, devotees bathe in the cleansing holy water of a spring, waterfall, beach, or any other water source for purification of the body and soul. Aimed at preventing misfortune and bad luck it is also a way of cleansing ones self from the metaphysical sicknesses and bad energy caused by our daily activities and sinful actions (Klesa)

All humans are born and live with Chitta (positive characteristics) and Klesa (negative characteristics). Klesa is made up of 5 elements:
Awidia (stupidity)
Asmita (egoism and arrogance)
Raga (desire)
Dwesa (anger and revenge)
Abhiniwesa (fear)
If these five negative characteristics begin to dominate we must cleanse ourselves and hence the importance of the Melukat ceremony/ritual.
One of the most popular places do this, in Bali, is Tirta Empul Temple north of Ubud in Central Bali...

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