Thursday, March 5, 2015

Weather in Bali in March

Weather in Bali in March

Rain becomes less frequent throughout March and April as the wet season transitions into Bali’s much-awaited dry season. Despite the changing seasons, the weather in March in Bali remains cloudy, often with overcast skies and showers. There are days when it all dries up and the clouds are replaced by bright sunshine.

Sitting around 27ºC with an average minimum of 23ºC, March’s average temperatures are only slightly lower than the previous months. At night the temperature drops to about 25ºC but if you are staying in the mountains it can drop to as low as 15ºC.

March hosts one of the biggest festivals of Bali’s year, Nyepi. Meaning ‘silent’ in Bahasa Indonesian, Nyepi is the religious Hindu day of celebration for the Balinese New Year. Locals turn off electricity, refrain from all forms of entertainment and stay indoors for 24 hours to allow themselves the opportunity to self-reflect, and tourists are expected to follow suit. Local security guards called pecaleng patrol and watch the streets to make sure no one goes outside their homes or breaks the rules. This tradition is undertaken because the Balinese people believe that if the island is silent and everyone is indoors, evil spirits will mistakenly think the island is empty and move on.

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