Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mecaru Ceremony

Mecaru ceremony
Mecaru often performed by the Balinese at certain times, such as before the celebration of Nyepi, after the completion of construction of a house / temple, after a bad incident in a village, and so on. With the aim to purify any kind of dirt that is in the neighborhood of man, so that man can live in harmony in nature.
Mecaru ceremony serves to inculcate noble values ​and spiritual to mankind, especially the Balinese, in order to always maintain the harmony of nature, the environment and its contents. The meaning of the ceremony is the duty of human mecaru caring nature of God is likened to sports bodies in the embodiment of the universe and its contents.
In conducting the mecaru ceremony, usually use a lot of offerings. Offerings such as meat, chicken, cow, buffalo, depending on the degree mecaru ceremony. Sometimes can spend a very large cost. But apart from that, for a good, substantial funds are not a problem

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