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Rejang Dewa: A Sacred Dance to Welcome Gods’ Arrival

Rejang dance is a dance performed by the group of daughter, the dance is very simple (plain) which is usually danced in the temples at the time duration of a ceremony. This dance is performed with a full sense of hydrate, a full sense of devotion to the Lord Bhatari (goddess). The dancers dressed in ceremonial dress, dancing with the marching around temple pages or Pelinggih sometimes done by holding hands. Rejang dance is a dance movement is simple and graceful, by a dancer daughter (choise or mixture of various ages) who performed as a group or mass in the temple yard at the time duration of a ceremony. Can be accompanied by Gamelan Gong Kebyar or Gong Gede. Rejang dance, by the Balinese people is divided into several types based on social status of the dancers (Rejang Deha: danced by young girls), how to dance (Rejang Renteng: danced with scarves held each other), themes and accessories especially in headdress (Oyopadi Rejang, Rejang Galuh, Rejang Dewa, etc).
One common Rejang dances are danced at the ceremony will start at the Tanah Lot temple is Rejang Dewa. Rejang Dewa can only reply teenagers innocents danced, this dance at the pull more than 5 people with the head of young coconut leaf decorations. This dance is very sacred and no artist wrote modify this dance. So the Rejang dance imaginable Rejang currently match the original teachings of hereditary predecessors. At the ceremony in the Tanah Lot temple, Rejang Dewa dancers are girls who come from Beraban village.

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