Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Thank you.

Thank you so much for Jurgita and family from Republic of Lituania has been using my service for 4 days during their holiday in Bali

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Nyepi Day

On 17th March 2018,Island of Bali celebrate New Year ( Nyepi/Silent Day ).On this day Bali was isolated for 24 hours no TV broadcasting,No car On the street,Airport close,and this year more speacial because no internet ,some provider internet close their mobile data internet.

But on 16th, It was big festival for Hindu in Bali because Parade Ogoh-Ogoh,
Ogoh-OOgoh are giant puppets made in the form of mythological Balinese demons.On the eve before Nyepi Day are paraded on the street of Bali to purify the island from spiritual pollutants and ward off the evil spirits.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Cremation is a ceremony of burning corpse conducted by Hindu people in Bali.This ceremony is conducted to purify the spirits of the deceased toward the final resting place by means of burning corpse.Creamation is done with a series of ceremonies,made up of variety of offerings not to forget laced with symbol like other rituals that are often performed by Hindu people in Bali.

The death bodies are placed in" Bade/coffin "and carried jointly.All members of the family and community lined up in front of "Bade/coffin".On the way to the cremation ceremony,if there is any intersection or junction,the Bade/coffin will be rotated around three times,it is believed that the spirits are confused and cannot come back again.Arriving at the grave site or the cremation place which has been prepared ,the corpse is put/placed on/in " Bull-Shaped Replcation " which has been firstly prepared by the priest reciting mantras and prayers and ceremonies,then Ngaben ceremony is implemented,the "Bull " is burned to ashes.The ashes from the residu of the cremation are inserted into an yellow palm fruit (coconut ) which later floated/washed away into the sea or river considered sacred.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Taman Ayun

Taman Ayun
Taman Ayun,which means beautiful garden,with a panoramic view of beautiful water park empire,captivating also cool water,this place is very attractive and suitable to servce as spritual attraction,rt and culture where tourist seemed to be in the heday of the royal Mengwi.Taman Ayun is a true symbol of the nobility charm.

Taman Ayun Located in the village of Mengwi,Badung,approximately 30 minutes driver to north of the city of Denpasar.It was precisely constructed in 1634 bt the first king of the Kingdom of Mengwi,I Gusti Agung Ngurah Made Agung Sakti or Tjokorda Blambangan.Taman Ayun Temple serve as a source of irrigation,Pura mother and unifying the community.Irrigation fuction indicated by the pools that surround the temple thats used by farmers to be used as a source of irrogation,in which water pools were channeled to the rice fields around the temple.Mother Temple and unifying function,indicated by the prensense of the temple as a place of worship for the people who the same ancestral lineage,so as to unite them as a big family.

Given the history of the establishment and its functions,it can be said Taman Ayun Temple is a combination of natural beauty and springs with the expertise of a king Tjokorda Way Blambangan successfully intergrate into a beautiful place as well as  build an irrigation system for the prosperity of its people.A perfevt  harmony between  man and nature  that should be preserved.Taman Ayun Temple is in order  with the concept of the traditional Balinese garden surrounded by an artificial river with  a variety of rare plant species typical of Bali.The beauty of the landscape coupled with the sacred building Meru overlas SOLAS ( the building with the roof of the fibers that accumulte above amounts to eleven ) Meru typify sthana believed to be a sacred place of the gods.

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Day Trip

Flexible Tour
Gede is an excellent guide. He is not just a regular driver who will bring you from point A to point B. You can ask him anything you need to know about Bali and he will answer it clearly. We couldn’t decide where to go prior to our trip so he made an itinerary for us. You don’t need to strictly follow the schedule though. Our itinerary with him is very flexible. You can leave your hotel early or later in the morning and he always arrives early. Just let him know. If you have sudden changes in your plans, he’ll do his best to accommodate your request. He will join you on your tours and will voluntarily take pictures if you like. His price is better than other drivers who posted their services and his driving skills are remarkable.

Comfortable and informative experience!
Gede welcomed us when we arrived in Bali. After we had more interaction, we were very comfortable with Gede. He would answer a lot of my inquisitive questions on things I see on Bali streets. He would also volunteer to take photos for us. One of the days, Gede also included his family for our trip, I believe it was because he was very comfortable with us. We did not mind anyways. (:

The place where Gede brought us for sunset dinner was in Ubud, beside a coffee plantation, it was b.e.a.utiful! A very refreshing experience.

We had 4-day trip, first 2 days were Gede. The next 2 days, was guided by Komal (I'm unsure if I spelt it correctly), it's Gede's friend.

He was very smiley and comfortable to be with. The dinner place that Komal brought us to, was also very nice. He would make suggestions as to where to bring us (we didn't include in our itinerary), and we really enjoyed the sunset view.

On the last day, he also brought along his youngest son to send us off to the airport. Cute boy. Haha.

All in all, we have enjoyed the trip a lot. (:

Thank you, Gede and Komal!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tooth filing Ceremony

Tooth filing Ceremony ; Controlling canine of greediness.

Tooth filing ceremony contains a meaning of cleaning bad characters in human being.Tooth filing ceremony in Balinese Languange is also called " Mependes " and it can also be called  as Matatah or Mesangih,where 2 pieces of canines and 4 incisors on the top row of teeth are filed or leveled.This ceremony in an obligation,customs and culture which is still being undergone by Hindus in Bali for generation to date.

This ceremony is considered to be sacred and is intended for children who start growing up,where for girls who have period or menstruation,while the boys have entered puberty or their voice ha changed.
Doing this Mepandes ceremony ,the grown up children are reminden and taught not to fall into the acts prohibited by religion and they can be useful peoples for themselves,family,community and nation

Friday, January 26, 2018

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach....The orginal beach resort,sanur's quiet charm still appeals and has many fine hotels, restaurant,and also famous for it's sunrise.Sanujr is uncluttered laid back and friendly. It's long stretch of beach offers shallow water.Colorful jukung fishingboats rest on the sand,backed by a paved cycling path.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for Jurgita and family from Republic of Lituania has been using my service for 4 days during their holiday in Bali ...